Trust Guard – Website Verification and Privacy Security

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Trust-Guard is a third party verification system that verifies Internet sites so the buyer can know that they are purchasing from a reliable business. Trust-Guard offers 5 types of seals as part of their verification process.

1. Security Verified Seal – The Security seal verifies that the buyer is purchasing from a secure source and that his/her information will not simply be stolen. This is done by validating the SSL certificate provider along with the expiration date and checkout pages to ensure that they are secure. As well as these, they also verify the company name, website URL, business address, business email address, business phone number, and online SSL certificate.

2. Business Verified Seal – The Business seal verifies that a business is who they say they are. For a seller to be business verified they must verify their Company Name, Website URL, Business Address, Business Email Address, and Business Phone Number.

3. Privacy Verified Seal – The Privacy seal verifies that the seller will keep a customers information private and not distribute/sell it to various third parties. It also verifies that sensitive information such as a credit card, social security number, or other personal/financial information will not be kept for over 60 days without special approval. The customer (if email/mail address must be provided) must also have a way to opt out of any newsletter/email/mail solicitation from the business at any time. To qualify for a privacy seal the seller must get there company name, website URL, business address, business email address, and support phone number verified. They must also have a privacy policy with certain parts of the above information mentioned.

4. Certified Seal – The certified seal is a combination of the Security seal, Business seal, and Privacy seal. It also requires that a managing member of the business verifies his, address, phone number, and email.

5. Checked Seal – This is the most basic of the seals that Trust-Guard offers. It is similar to the business seal but only the company name, website URL, business address, business email address, and business phone number are verified.

Trust-Guard also offers a Multi-seal package which includes the first 4 seals mentioned.

Displaying Trust-Guard seals have been known to increase the sales of a website by as much as 4 times.