Mcafee Secure – PCI Scanning

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Mcafee Secure (formerly known as Hackersafe) is a company that provides PCI Scanning. They verify that your server is safe from hackers by putting it through a 6 step process. The process is briefly defined below.

1. Port Scan – A simple port scan is ran on your server. This port scan checks for any vulnerabilities or open ports the system may have in which an intruder could get into the system.

2. Network Scan – Once a port scan has been ran on your system it then checks the processes running on your network to determine if there are any vulnerabilities on the open ports.

3. Application Scan – One of the most critical scans ran by Mcafee Secure. All web services such as scipts, modules, and other threats are checked to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in them.

4. Alerts – If Mcafee Secure notices a vulnerability in the server the client will be alerted almost immediately. The client has the option of how he would like to be alerted (ie: cellphone, email, etc…)

5. Analysis and Possible Fixes – One of the great benefits of Mcafee Secure. When a vulnerability is found the client will be given instructions on how they may work to fix the problem. The client has the opportunity to speak with experienced staff if needed.

6. Mcafee Secure Certificate – This is the key! Once your site has gone through the former processes your seal can be placed on your site so others can view that your site has been verified and feel confident in purchasing from you. Since Hacker Safe checks the server daily if it finds a vulnerability that is not corrected within 72 hours your seal is removed until the problem is fixed.