Truste – Privacy Seal

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TRUSTe is one of the leaders of online privacy seals. They offer a few different options depending on the size of your business. While Truste is a leader in this field they have quite an intense process to verify that you’re providing your consumers a high level of privacy.

While Truste will almost surely increase your sales it comes at a price as it may cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $14,000 depending on the size of your business. This is quite a jump over other privacy seals such as Trust Guard which cost a fraction of the price (Trust Guard is $159 a year). If your running a major website such as Oracle,, or Comcast you’d better have one of these seals on your website or your most likely not growing your business at its full potential.

Although Truste focuses more on privacy they do offer a dispute resolution service to help ensure your customers are getting taken care of. This service is very beneficial to the consumer they are more likely to get taken care of when a third party is involved.

Truste is a great product and will increase your sales, however, it is important to analyze the predicted ROI from it. If your a small to medium sized business we recommend Trust Guard as an alternative with their privacy seal and dispute resolution services due to the cost.