Safe Websites

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If you’ve dealt with many online business you already know the importance of safe websites and the importance of SSL, business verification, and or other forms of verification. Not having a safe website (one that has been verified by a third party) allows for a greater risk of shopping cart abandonment.

Shopping cart abandonment is when a customer finds what they want on your site, put it in their shopping cart, and then before purchasing it, they back out and leave your site. There’s many causes for shopping cart abandonment but one of the leading causes is from customers not feeling confident with providing your their information.

This is where safe websites come in to play. If you have a safe website (this includes a safe feel in the design), your customers will feel more secure. They will place an item in your shopping cart, see a third party verification from a source they can trust, and instead of leaving your site, they will continue through the process.

Whatever your selling, whether its information or a physical product, it’s crucial you make people feel safe and that their information will be kept secure. As you’re are able to provide this, your conversion rate will increase and you’ll see more sales.