Website Verification and Trust Seals

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With so many fraudulent businesses today, it’s no wonder why people are a little cautious about making purchases from the Internet. You just never know if the product you purchase is going to make it to you, and if it does, will it be the product that you expected.

This is a very frustrating thing for Internet users today as many of them have been scammed at one time or another into making a purchase in which they either received nothing or did not receive that which was expected only to find little or no customer service.

It can be a frustrating thing for a business owner who is not running a scam site when you realize that you are losing orders simply because people are afraid they won’t get what they purchase from you.

Just think, have you ever been on a website and wanted to make a purchase but looked at the website and second guessed it? Being a seller, what if there was a way you .knew you could assure the customer that they were making a legit purchase? It would be a huge benefit to you and your customers?

Did you know that there are different third party businesses like Trust Guard and McAfee Secure (formerly Hacker Safe) that do just this thing…

These companies verify YOUR website, check for security vulnerabilities to ensure no one can steal sensitive information and make sure that you are a valid trustworthy company. Once this process is complete, they then allow you to place THEIR seal of approval on YOUR website.

The customer seeing this seal on your website is then able to verify that your website is not only secure, but that you have a real, legit, business thus increasing the sales received on your website.